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2019 Bullet Journal Set-up

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There is nothing quite like a new journal, so when it came time to set-up my 2019 Bullet Journal, I was so excited! I started out with my Copper Leuchtturm 1917 notebook and this absolutely beautiful Traveler’s Notebook that my uncle handmade for me.

Leuchtturm 1917

I’ve tried a few different notebooks for my bullet journals, like the Rhodia Goalbook, and loved them, but I nearly always come back to the Leuchtturm. I really like the hardcover and the paper quality is decent enough. I do have some ghosting, but nothing that bothers me enough to quit using these notebooks.

In my 2019 Bullet Journal, I’m currently using black Papermate Flair pens. They will smudge if you don’t let them dry, but I love the look of them. I use them constantly when teaching, so it’s easy to use them for my bullet journal as well. I cover ink with a piece of paper as needed, or make my spreads in stages. I’m going minimalist so far with my book, as you will shortly see. If you use a lot of color, brush pens, or markers in your bullet journal, you will not want to use flair pens. The smudges will drive you crazy!

Word of the Year

As always, I started out my 2019 Bullet Journal with my word of the year spread. My word of the year this year is Simplify. Last year, my word of the year was organize. I really felt like it did give me a goal throughout the entire year to reflect on and work towards, so I decided to choose another. I intend to simplify my possessions, my finances, and how I spend my time throughout the year.


The very next spread in my journal is my future log. I use the calendex system for my future planning. It works really well for me, and I’ve been using it successfully for nearly two years now.


My key, colors, and calendar came next. This isn’t a spread that I refer to a ton throughout the year, but I do pop to it enough that I find myself keeping it book after book. I started out with this banner style that you will see I carried throughout the rest of my set-up. It actually helped me to realize how much I loved the simple look of the black and white with a banner at the top. Now, I’m a little obsessed, and I’ve drawn so many of these little ribbon banners over the past week for my 2019 Bullet Journal.


I also like to keep my lists of books, movies, and shows that I read and watch at the beginning of my book. Last year I read more books than I have any other year during my adult life. I’m hoping to continue the trend. My guess would be that I’ll have to add another spread.

We are being very conscious of our finances, savings, and credit this year more than ever before. Now that we are both working full time, we have really gotten serious about providing for our future and setting ourselves up for success, so I wanted to make sure that I have a record of how that is going in my 2019 Bullet Journal. This is one of my financial spreads that will help me to do that.

This year, I’m trying out the year at a glance mood tracker. I haven’t decided if I will also do a month to month mood tracker as well. I need to choose soon, but either way, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this looks throughout the year.

How is your set-up going for your 2019 Bullet Journal? I would love to see what you are working on!


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