Classroom Consequences

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Classroom Consequences

Middle School Classroom ConsequencesAfter you have established your classroom rules, the next step is to make sure you have a strong set of classroom consequences. I will have my classroom consequences displayed at the front of the classroom with our rules, weekly goals, and objectives. After we go through the rules on the first day of school, we will go through the consequences as well.

I will hand out a copy of the rules to each student and explain the reasoning for each consequence and how it is designed to help them refocus. I will also explain that I reserve the right to skip to any consequence as I see fit. They will sign the consequences and take them home. I will ask them to get a parent signature as well. This allows me to know everyone is on the same page with expectations. In my first email, I will also include explanations similar to the ones that we cover in class about consequences.

1. Verbal Warning

A verbal warning will be the first official consequence on my hierarchy. In most situations, I will give the student the chance to rectify their behavior first by using a surface management strategy to help bring their attention to the fact that it needs to be changed. This allows students breaking the rule to be informed that the behavior has been spotted without calling them out. Similarly, if I use a surface management strategy, which strategy is used will depend on the behavior and the student involved. When they receive a verbal warning, I will tell them that they have a warning and use the word warning and tell them the rule number every time so we are always on the same page. I will attempt to do this as discreetly as possible.

2. Behavior Sheet & Possible Movement

The next step on my hierarchy will be a behavior sheet. When a student already has a warning and continues to break the rules, I will give them a behavior sheet to fill out. This sheet will ask them to examine their behavior, their motives, and a plan for rectifying their behavior. It will be a quick sheet that should only take a couple minutes and allow them to refocus their attention with a plan in place. I will keep the sheet on file and make a copy for the student.

3. Individual Conference with Me.

The next step on the hierarchy will be an individual conference with me. This may be immediate somewhere in the room away from the class, scheduled outside of class time, or both depending on the situation. The parent will be notified by e-mail at this time, and I will scan a copy of the behavior sheet to them and explain any changes the student and I have agreed to so they know that the student and I are working on the issues together.

4. Parent Phone Conference

The next step of my hierarchy will be to have a parent phone conference with the student. I will speak to the parent in front of the student. The student will speak to the parent in front of me. Together, we will all agree on the next steps moving forward.

5. Principal or Referral

Sending the student to the Principal or writing them a referral slip will be the final step of my hierarchy.  I believe that students should be kept in class as much as possible, so I will try not to use this step unless necessary.


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