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Classroom OrganizationClassroom Organization

I love organization. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it; I’m a naturally messy and forgetful person. I need organization in place for each part of my life or things just slip to the wayside or get out of control. I can’t have that in my classroom. That would be an invitation for disaster. So, when considering purchases for my first year of teaching, I began with items that will aid in organization.

My Top 5 Classroom Organization Items

1. Teacher Toolbox

The Teacher Toolbox is an item that I have seen on my Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube sites. I believe this to be for good reason. The teacher toolbox supplies you with tons of compartments for organization, particularly for the organization of small things, such as paper clips or binder clips.

For my Teacher Toolbox, I’ve chosen the Homak 39-Drawer Parts Organizer, Black, HA01039001.

Here is an example of the Teacher Toolbox from @coffeeteachwinerepeat.
Teacher Toolbox

2. Vertical Desk Organizer

I have six classes and a support hour next year. I have organization systems in place for papers around my room in different ways, but a vertical desk organizer is where I am intending to keep papers on my desk. Each class has a color, and I will put the papers for that class in their colored folder and hold the folder in the desk organizer while the paper needs to be on my desk for grading, conferencing, etc.

I chose the SteelMaster – Desktop Vertical Organizer for my room. It has six sections and does not have any added compartments which is just what I was looking for; simple, yet efficient.


3.  Wall Organizer

I will be using one wall organizer to gather student work. As I said above, each class has their own assigned color, so they will turn their work into the folder with their assigned color. I will then move the collected work from the folder to the vertical organizer on my desk.

I purchased a second wall organizer to hold papers that I may need access to throughout the year, such as my behavior sheets for reflection. These are a great way to use wall space and limit cluttered surfaces.

For my wall organizers, I chose the Smead Cascading Wall Organizers.

4. Rolling Storage Cart

I’ve wanted one of these carts from the moment I first saw one. There are endless possibilities for what you could do with it. I’m not 100% sure what I will be storing in here, but I know that it will be a huge help to me. I’m thinking it would be great for holding supplies I use for small groups and conferences, or things the students may need to be able to grab quickly, like extra pencils. I really love that it is on wheels, so I can easily move it around the room with me when necessary.

The rolling storage cart I chose is the Giantex 20 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart.

5. Hanging Folder System

Hanging folders are a tried and true, old-school way of organizing, and I’m okay with that. Part of being a teacher is having a lot of paper to organize, especially if you are an English teacher. I want a place to keep all that paper in a way that is consolidated and safe from getting ruined. I inherited several filing cabinets with my classroom, so I’m going to be grabbing a bunch of these super pretty Hanging Folders to help me fill them up!


I hope these ideas were helpful to you! What is an organization item you couldn’t live without in YOUR classroom?

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