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Must Have Bullet Journal Supplies

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Must Have Bullet Journal Supplies




Let’s face it … There are some things we can live without and some thing we must have! When Bullet Journaling, there are a few things that I would never be caught without; my journal, wite-out, and great pens!

Here are my top 5 Must Have Bullet Journal Supplies: 


1. Faber Castel Pitt Artists Pens

Faber Castel PITT Artist Pens are the BEST black pens for bullet journaling. I have tried several others, and I am hard on pens, and these hold up better than any others every time. The set of four is definitely the way to go. I use each size for different details in my book.




2. Rhodia Goal Book Dot Grid

My Rhodia Goalbook is my personal favorite journal for use inside of my Traveler’s Notebook. The paper is top notch, the layout is great, and the soft leather cover works very well with my Galen Leather Traveler’s Notebook.




3. Leuchtturm1917 Classic Hardcover Squared Medium Notebook Emerald

The Leuchtturm 1917 is the perfect hardcover bullet journal. I loved mine! The only reason I switched to the Rhodia was because the soft cover is a little better with my Traveler’s Notebook.





4. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

Staedtler Fineliners are the ONLY colored pens I will use in my Bullet Journal. I can’t live without them. They don’t show bleed through and they are so stinking cute. I also use them all the time at work. I love grading my students papers with fun bright colors!


5. BIC Wite-Out Mini Twist Correction Tape

The BIC Wite-Out Mini is seriously the ONLY way I will cart around wite-out now. They are AH-MAZING. The top twists up and protects the correction tape, which is incredibly important. Believe me. I’ve been there and destroyed enough rolls of this nonsense to know.



These are my must have bullet journal supplies. I have each of them – well only one journal at a time – with me at all times. You never know when you are going to need to jot down a note or fix a mistake, so grab some of these goodies for yourself and let me know below, What are your Bullet Journal must haves?



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