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    Top 10 Teacher Interview Tips

    Teacher Interview Tips from a Middle School English Teacher

    Going to any interview is stressful, but I found that going on my first professional interviews was more stressful than any of the other interviews I had experienced in my life. I received a call for my first interview in February of 2018. I had been student teaching for less than a month, and I was honestly clueless about what to expect. I tried to be prepared and throw together a portfolio, but I felt extremely underprepared and unorganized. Being organized is how I manage anxiety, so it was definitely not an ideal situation going in. That interview went okay, but I wasn’t blown away by my performance at all, so I doubt they were. Haha.

    Seeking Success

    After that situation, I decided I had to get my life together and be more prepared for the next one. I felt a lot better about getting ready because:

    1. I had survived an interview
    2. I had an idea of the types of questions I would be asked

    Also, I wised up and decided to use my resources. I turned to YouTube and Google to find teacher interview tips from other teachers, which was THE BEST DECISION I MADE DURING MY INTERVIEW PROCESS. If you are getting ready to interview, listen to what other teachers have to say. It is SO helpful. If you only choose to watch one video to help you prep, I highly recommend you check out this video from Michelle Ferre from Pocketful of Primary.

    Finding My Home

    I then went on three more interviews and received some calls for interviews at schools I decided just weren’t right for our family, mostly based on location. These interviews were completely different than my first one. I felt way more confident, and I had a great portfolio to point to as evidence when giving answers. I ended up accepting my first teaching job on April 9th, and I can’t wait for August to get here so that I can start my first year.

    From my experiences during my application and interview process, I decided to create a list of teacher interview tips that I have for other new teachers, so here it goes! Read more