Organizing My Traveler’s Notebook

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There are many ways to use and organize a Traveler’s Notebook. The root of your method should lie in your purpose for having one. For me, having a Traveler’s Notebook is about organizing my life. This year, my word of the year is Organize, so my Traveler’s Notebook is the most important tool I have in living up to that word and my goals. Because every decision I make this year is focused on organization, my Traveler’s Notebook is cute, but minimally so. I try to use my creativity in my Bullet Journal and in my Traveler’s Notebook in ways that allow me to be happy with the aesthetic it creates without distracting from the usefulness of this tool. 

My Traveler’s Notebook is a Galen Leather Leuchtturm 1917 Cover. The adornments I have on the cover and side and from Fir and Yew on Etsy.


My Layout

Inside my cover, I have 2 dashboards, 4 TN Inserts, and a Rhodia Goalbook Bullet Journal Notebook. My first dashboard holds my teaching inserts. I have two that cover the semester. I organize my school semester with monthly and then weekly layouts. My second dashboard holds my business insert. This is where I organize everything to do with my blog, businesses, and finances related to them. Between the two dashboards, I have my miscellaneous insert that holds important things I keep with me which might be anything from spreads for tracking my kids allergies to passwords.




If you would like to have the Dot Grid Counts for my Weekly Layout to give that a try in your journal, you can sign up for that here.
 You can see a full flip through of how I organize my TN below, or on my YouTube Channel!


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