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I’ve never participated in Word of the Year before, but this year, it was as if I wasn’t given a choice. My word hit me hard almost as soon as I began to ponder what it could be.

For years I’ve been operating at survival mode, working from this moment to the next, so many commitments and objectives that I typically don’t have time to get ahead or give myself breathing room. I’m often realizing that things I want to do are left behind because of things I have to do. I find that I don’t give time to things that need it, like, you know, cleaning, because I have a business and two kids and a husband that works twelve hour shifts, and I’m working on my Master’s Degree. It’s been as effective as it sounds, leaving me feeling exhausted and torn in a million directions.

Hello 2018 Word of the Year Organize

This year, I’m finally going to finish my Master’s Degree. I’ll be working in a classroom and finding my own balance in life is going to be key. In order to achieve this, I need organization in all aspects of my life. For me, this word means so much more than using my planner and keeping my areas tidy.

It means planning and reflecting, focusing and following through. It will require me to simplify and minimize in many ways, both physical and emotional. It will require me to be aware of my own limits and capabilities and safeguard them adamantly. Time with my family must be precious and protect and not allowed to be encroached upon by work. I must work each and every day towards using organization to give me the foundation I need to be successful and grow this year in my work and relationships.

That is why I chose my word. Have you given any thought to your word of the year? I would love to hear what it is and how you came to decide on it.




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