Review: Rhodia Goalbook for Bullet Journaling

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In October, I moved from a Leuchtturm 1917 to an insert based system in my Traveler’s Notebook. It worked okay for me, but I really missed having my notebook for my day to day and week to week life. Because of this, I decided In November that I was going to switch back to a notebook format with inserts in 2018. I started doing research on some different options because I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best choice for what I needed. High up on my list was that I wanted a soft cover.

Enter the Rhodia Goalbook. This is a relatively new notebook from Rhodia. When I purchased mine, they still weren’t available through Amazon. I needed some ink sample vials and a Christmas present for a family member anyway, so I hopped over to Goulet Pens and added one there. We’ve shopped with  Goulet several times now, and I would definitely recommend them. They know their stuff, they are super fast, and they clearly are staying on top of new items because they are one of the few places that had the new Goalbook available.

I chose the Rhodia Goalbook – Purple, Dot Grid (5.5 X 8.3) 

The Goalbook is a A5 soft leatherette covered notebook. It contains a 5mm dot grid on 90g acid free ivory vellum paper.  As you can see, mine has already started to weather.

Cover of the Purple Rhodia Goalbook Journal

I’ve had it for a few weeks and I’ve been setting it up for 2018. I love the weathered look, so that is a pro for me, but if you want your notebook to look pristine, this isn’t going to be the notebook for you.

Back Cover of a Purple Rhodia Goalbook.

Also, the notebook came in to me with the depressions from the elastic band. Again, this doesn’t bother me because I’m putting it in my Traveler’s Notebook anyway, but if that does bother you, it seems to be an unavoidable issue.

Depressions in the Rhodia Goalbook Cover
When you open your Goalbook, you will find orange inside pages. This is how all of the Goalbooks will be regardless of the cover color you chose. Orange is kind of Rhodia’s thing. *wink*

Orange Inner Cover of the Rhodia Goalbook
They also provide you with a contact info page where you can put any information you are comfortable with, such as your name, your number, e-mail, or your address.

Page for writing personal contact information
Next up is an index. There are six pages of index, which in my opinion, is more than enough. I’m not a huge indexer, but even if you are, you will have plenty of room to get it all in there!

Rhodia Index Pages
After the index, is the perpetual future log. It’s perfect for me because I use Eddy Hope’s Calendex system for Future Logging.  It’s really perfect for this Future Log layout, so if you aren’t sure how you are going to fit it all in, follow the Eddy Hope link and look into it.

Future Log Pages in Rhodia Goalbook

There is a pretty blank page behind the FL and then the fun starts !

Hello 2018 Word of the Year Organize
Your paper is definitely  ivory. Like deep ivory. It’s creamy and NOT white. Check out this difference below. The left is my Boho Berry Printable Insert that I printed on my own True White Paper and the right is the Goalbook. It’s a pretty big difference.

Comparison of true white paper and ivory Rhodia Goalbook paper.
That said, it hasn’t bothered me yet. I would love a true white, but I’ll survive. Also, the dots on this are perfect in my opinion. They stand out on the paper and are a pretty gray color. If you like your dots to fad into the paper almost, this is going to drive you crazy, but for me, it’s great. I struggle with the dots on the Leuchtturm pretty often, and I don’t have that issue with the Rhodia at all.  There are 224 numbered dot grid pages for you to cover to your hearts content.

There are 224 pages in the Rhodia Goalbook
The back cover has a small flap, but I never use these things if I’m going to be honest with you. Haha. It’s the perfect size for some stickers though!

The back of the Rhodia Goalbook has an orange cover.
Now we get to our pen test. I used my most commonly used pens on the back page, and I would say it was pretty equivalent to my Leuchtturm 1917. There was a bit of shadowing, but it’s pretty much exactly what I expect from my 1917.

Rhodia Goalbook paper Pen Test   There was some ghosting on the Rhodia.
What do you think? Would you give the Rhodia Goalbook a try?


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